Sunday, March 22, 2015

Delhi Sultanate - Nasir al-Din Mahmud (AH644-664)

Sultanate - Delhi - Turks - Nasir al-Din Mahmud (AH644-664 / 1246-1266AD)
Reference: Poole# 

Inscription: Read top-to-bottom & right-to-left

Obverse (field)
al-sultan al-a'zam
the supreme sultan
nasir al-dunya wa'l din
defender of the world and the faith (laqab or epithet)
abu'l muzaffar mahmud
father of the victorious one (kunya), mahmud
ibn al-sultan
son of the sultan (pedigree)

Obverse (marginal segments)

Reverse (field)
fi ‘ahd al-imam
in the time of the imam
al-musta’sim amir
al-musta’sim, commander
of the faithful

Reverse (marginal segments)

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