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Delhi Sultanate - Sher Shah Suri (AH946)

Sultanate - Delhi - Suri Dynasty (Afghans) - Sher Shah Suri (AH946-952 / 1539-1545AD)
Year: AH946
Mint: Mintless
Weight: 10.91
Reference: Poole# 525

Inscription: Read top-to-bottom & right-to-left
Obverse (field)
al-sultan khallada
allah mulkahu 946
श्री सेर साही
the sultan sher shah, may god perpetuate his sovereignty, 946, shri ser sahi

Obverse (marginal segments)
at 12 abu’l-muzaffar, at 3 farid, at 6 al-dunya, at 9 wa’l-din
father of the victorious, unique one of the world and of the faith

Reverse (field)
la ilah illa allah
muhammad rasul allah
al-sultan al-adil
no god but god, muhammad is the messenger of god, the just sultan

Reverse (marginal segments)
at 12 abu bakr, at 3 'umar, at 6 ‘uthman, at 9 'ali
the names of the four “Rightly Guided” Caliphs

Official Title:
Farid al-Din Sher Shah ibn Miyan Hasan Sur

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