Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bengal Presidency - 'ino' Shah Alam (AH1210 / RY16-39) - Muhammadabad Banaras

Colonial - Bengal Presidency - INO Shah Alam
Year: AH121(0) / RY17-37
Mint: Muhammadabad Banaras
Weight: 11.24
KM# 40.1

Inscription: Read top-to-bottom & right-to-left
elah hami din muhammad
fazl (1st straight line)
shah alam badshah
sikkah (2nd straight line)
zad bar haft 1121 kishwar sayaye

maimanat (1st straight line)
julus 37 sanah 17 manus
zarb ('b' is 2nd straight line)
banaras (dot of 'n' and top of 'r' is seen)

Note: Mint name is Muhammadabad Banaras. Muhammadabad is on top and Banaras is at the bottom.

Sikka Zad Bar Haft Kishwar Sayaye Fazl Shah Alam Badshah Elah Hami Din Mohammad 
Struck his coin (Sikka) on the seven (Haft) climes (Kishwar), Shadow (Sayaye) of the Divine favour, Shah Alam Emperor (Badshah), Defender (Hami) of Muhammad's religion (Din). 

Zarb Muhammadabad Banaras Sanah 17-37 Julus Maimanat Manus
Stuck at Muhammadabad Banaras in the 17-37th year (sanah) of his tranquil prosperous reign (julus).

Reference: Nazrana Mohur below shows the full die.

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